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Map Design Project

A lot of people may like to chill with friends by out for a dinner or mid-night food. They usually may choose the place like Tsim Sha Tsui or Mong Kok that such flourish district because that may have more choice for food and they may chat a bit longer.


However, Tai Wai also has many choices of food for people and some are open to midnight.

This poster is to target the people who live around Tai Wai, to tell them there are also many type of foods in here. I want more people would support the local town business and to be more loyalty about being a TaiWai resident.


In the poster, I indicate the food sign on the map, there are many cuisines in Tai Wai.

Such as Japanese Shushi, Italian Pizza, bugers and fries, Chinese desserts, coffee shop, Japanese Ramen, Hong Kong local snacks like fish ball, wine and beer and Chinese Dim sum.

The poster would show in Tai Wai like bus station, the Tai Wai MTR station, let more Tai Wai resident know that Tai Wai are also a food heaven.

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